Very soon, we are coming up with an ‘ocean of knowledge’, a one of its kind portal, As the name signifies, the portal will establish itself as an exemplary model for the knowledge most essential to steer human life to a higher unprecedented plateau. will host the most essential knowledge from all the diverse subjects and fields that ‘one must know’ in order to grow in life. We assure you that what goes unmentioned here or the information not included in the reservoir of our knowledge is not worth knowing at all.

The spectrum of knowledge on the portal will encompass biographies of more than 5000 Great people who have contributed significantly to the development and growth of the world, the lives and the psychoanalysis of greatest legends ever born like Buddha, Krishna, and Christ. It will include the history of Scientific inventions, Philosophy, various psychologies like Love, Creativity, Fear, Dreams, Phobias and Quotes of great people on numerous subjects. The trail of our knowledge doesn’t end here, but moves on to Religion, General Knowledge, Management Lessons for Life, Education, Success, Children, Science, Rags to Riches Stories etc.

As they say, ‘we eat with our eyes first’, if not presented well, it does not appeal to our eyes and mind, same is the case with knowledge too. Irrespective of the essence of knowledge, if not presented in a state of the art format, it fails to strike a chord with the new-age readers. Hence, keeping the needs of the generation in mind, in order to fetch a deeper penetration, all the pages on our portal will be 2D/3D animated with splendid combinations of flash and the most artistic sketches, which will make it truly a one of its kind experience with an innovative touch.

‘The best way to succeed is to begin,’ though we have begun our endeavour on a primary scale, it has been envisaged to top the list of the most viewed sites in the world soon. With content being uploaded on a daily basis, our aim is to leave no page unturned, which has any lesson or a learning value for human beings to grow. We at Aatman believe, our mission will not be fulfilled until we have proved ourselves to be the torchbearer, not just for today’s generation but for the generations to come.

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