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Technological advancement, racing at the speed of light, has led to the birth of many powerful mediums, which can influence the human mind and life. To stay in sync with times, Aatman Innovations Pvt. Ltd. has ventured into the fastest emerging media entertainment sector, launching multiple TV serials in a unique format to cater to the taste of modern audience. What gives us the edge over others, is our futuristic approach towards everything we do, that's why we are the first indian company to produce live content in 4K, underlining the importance of quality over anything else. The company has its production and marketing office set up in Mumbai, the heart of media for films and serials where talent is never scarce. The Mumbai office has very well catered to the core essential needs of our TV Software Productions. Here, in a short span of time, the company has appointed a large pool of creative talents in all the fields pertaining to TV Software productions, with an aim to reach huge production capacity with the best quality serials. The in-house team, comprising some of the best professionals and talents in the industry is fully-equipped for large scale TV software production.

Using the unique mix of Animation, Video, Graphics and Sketches, we wish to provide entertainment with inspirational message that enables people to excel in all the avenues of life. Our endeavour is based on presenting the lives of Great Legendary figures, various Psychologies for a brightened happy life, Great Events, Epics, Scriptures, Failures to Success, Turning point and Childhoods of great Personalities and lots more, to motivate in general.

These works would be presented to the world in an episodic form of TV Serial, which would go a long way in transforming lives of people to achieve great fulfilment, exploring their potential to the fullest extent. The objective on the company’s agenda is to present this mine of knowledge including epics, scriptures, ancient heritage from the most distinguished unconventional angle of intelligence, in a serial format with international broadcasting quality.

Aatman Innovations Pvt Ltd

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